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Antique Mappin Bros Sterling & Glass Inkwell

Large glass inkwell with hinged, sterling silver lid measures about 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" x about 4" tall & weighs almost 1-1/2 pounds. The top of the lid is engraved with the initials, “AES” (I think) in fancy, scrolling letters.

The lid is marked in 2 places with what I believe to be English hallmarks. A couple of them are a bit rubbed out, so I can’t be certain, but this is what I think I see:
Maker’s Mark=Mappin Bros.
Silver Standard Mark=Lion Passant (Sterling .925)
City Mark=Uncrowned Leopard’s Head (London)
Date Letter=e (1900)
There is also an impressed “7” on the underside of the top piece of the lid, next to the hinge. There are no markings on the glass that I can see.

The piece is in excellent condition for it’s age. It displays beautifully, with no noticeable flaws, but I did find a couple minor issues upon close inspection. It has a couple nicks (4, maybe 5) & two tiny chips in the raised parts of the glass on the sides of the bottle, some scratches on the inside of the lid & a dimple on the top of the lid that I can’t see, but I can feel it when I run my finger across it.

Any idea what it might be worth?

Thanks in advance for your comments,