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Antique Silver Spoons - Sheffield?

I pulled these out of a shoe box in my grandfather’s house. I don’t know anything about silver at all, but attempted to a little exploring on the internet and think I have identified it as sheffield. I could really use some help. There are three of them and I wonder if they are worth anything.
sheffield 3.JPG
sheffield 2.JPG
sheffield 1b.JPG

Looks like the mark of E.G. Webster & Son of Brooklyn, NY from the late 1890s to early 20th century. That company was eventually absorbed by the International Silver Co. A rough guess would be that sterling spoons such as those are worth in the range of $20-40. You can get a better idea of value by hawking ebay’s “completed items”.


Uncle Vic

I’m sorry, I have to disagree. I did check out Webster Silver on Ebay. And while Webster did do piercing work it is nowhere near as detailed as my spoons and my markings are clearly english silver and do not match any of the Webster silver I found.

No offense, I just don’t agree.

The marks on your spoons are not “clearly English”. In fact I would say that they are clearly American due to the use of the word “Sterling” which is never, except occasionally on export pieces, used on English silver. None of the other three stamps match any English mark I have ever seen- not even the crown which is in a totally wrong-shaped punch for a Sheffield town mark.

I stand corrected. Thank you for explaining it to me. I appreciate it. Do you have any idea what the markings are trying to say?

Those are American marks.
Scroll down for the Watson Company here:

Thank you very much.