antique silver thimble with 5 hallmark symbols

pls can u help me to understand where to start looking for the correct identification of the following hallmarks…? sorry i am not equipped to post photographs at present.

from left to right the hallmarks are as follows:-

1st = 6 inside a shield shaped stamp/indentation
2nd= C.H inside an oblong shaped stamp/indentation
3rd= a standing lion facing left with 1 paw raised inside an oblong stamp
4th= 3 round shapes in position of a 3 leafed clover or 3 heads with 2 heads on one row and the remaining 1 head directly underneath in the center. very worn and hard to see. this is set in a shield shaped stamp/indentation/frame
5th= X in italic curled edges, the X is turned on its side and is in a square shaped stamp/frame/indent.

sorry, i am new to the whole forum experience and my pc is very old and very slow.
hope someone can help me out there…?

P :slight_smile:

CH is the maker Charles Horner - well known maker of thimbles particularly, very collectable
Lion passant is the English sterling silver mark 92.5% silver
The round shapes etc. is the assay mark for Chester
The italic ‘x’ sounds like the date letter for 1923/24
Hope this helps

wow… thank you, that was super fast and and very clear precise feedback. I am mightily impressed.
What do you think the number 6 is likely to be…?
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The size. Here is a size guide.