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Antique silver treasure chest style jewelry box

Hey guys, new to the forum and silver collecting in general. I came across the pretty awesome
Find at a yard sale. However there are no marks at all to identify it. The piece appears very well made with great detail. The hinges and handles are awesome quality. I’ve done the silver tests mentioned online. Including bleach, ice, and magnet. The magnet is weird. When using a very strong magnet the piece just barely attracts. I took it to a couple of pawn shops and they dismissed it being silver because it barely attracted. I was told that some of the older silvers may have magnetic mixed in instead of copper. They didn’t want to do an acid because it wouldn’t be “definitive”. I made a small but deep scratch into an inconspicuous place. I put bleach in it and it tarnished black. Any help at all could be very appreciated.


If it is actual silver, there should be markings to indicate that somewhere, But, judging by the photos, it does not look like silver to me, and I think it’s pressed metal of some sort, but photos can be very inconclusive. Did you find any sort of hallmarks anywhere?

Ohh glad to see it here, I also have similar one and I bought my one from {suspect link deleted by Moderator}, can you tell me from where you bought it?