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* Antique Silverware - Help! *

[size=134]My mom ordered this silverware set off the internet a few years ago. It ended up just gathering dust, so she now wants to resell it. The problem is: we don’t remember anything about it! We purchased it on eBay, where the seller listed a lot of information about it, but now we can’t access the listing page, because it was so long ago.

On the back of the flatware, all it says is “Fine Arts Sterling” and “Processional”

Any information would be extremely helpful!
Thanks in advance![/size]

Hi there and thanks for joining us. The Fine Arts Sterling Silver Company was founded in Philadelphia in 1944 by Jerry N. Ashway and were direct distributors of six sterling silver flatware patterns made by the International Silver Co. The “Processional” pattern, dating from 1947, is one of those six. Replacements, Ltd. ( lists a 105 pc. set in that pattern for $2,599 and a 55 pc. set for $1,349. Their prices tend to be on the high side.

Mr. Ashway died in 1973 and the company was out of business by 1979.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much for answering so quickly!
Do you have any suggestions as to where I could sell this set? I was looking on eBay and other popular auction sites, but I’m not sure if I would be that successful.

Thanks in advance!

You might try contacting Replacements, Ltd., Silver Queen, or As You Like It Silver Shop (all of which buy used American sterling sets) and see if they are interested in buying your set. Obviously they will discount it heavily. Ebay or a similar auction site is probably your best bet for getting the best price as it reaches a very wide market.

A last resort would be a local outfit that buys gold and silver at or near scrap value.

Good luck!

Uncle Vic

Thank you so much!