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Antique Venison Server value

I have recently inherited a “domed venison server” with marks from Elkington Mason & Co which tell me that is silver plate manufactured in 1845. This is an ornate object some 24-25 inches wide and 16-18 inches tall. I’ve tried to value this but have found no comparisons so far. Any help would be appreciated.

I will be happy to supply a photograph if desired.

As one of the contributors who occasionally gives estimates here I do not feel able to value this. As you say, comparisons are difficult to find and I feel that a valuation of your venison server would be out of my “comfort zone”. Can I invite a response from any of our other contributors who might be willing to try?

Thank you for your response. Please do invite anyone else who might be able to help. I took a photograph of the server, but it is not a very good one. I’ll post the one I have later today, and have someone else take a better one to post as well.