Any help identifying this ring? It’ll help us determine which family member it belonged to. The V is what I’m struggling with. Birmingham 9 carat. Could be 1920 or 1945

Apologies for the dreadful photos! It’s quite worn and it’s making identifying who this belonged to challenging. Identifying its age will likely solve this which is really important to us as it could be incorporated into our wedding.

From what I can make out - looks like Samuel Hope? (SH) but could really be anything under certain lights!

Then what I think is a worn 9

Then 375


A V font that looks a little fatter than the 1945 edition but I’m struggling as the moment I think I’ve got it, it can appear completely different if moved.

I hope someone is able to help solve this puzzle - it would be enormously appreciated!

I have to say that I find it impossible to distinguish between the v and the V. However for your ring I am inclined to think 1920 rather than 1945 as, so far, I have not seen any Samuel Hope marks (and I agree it is his mark) later than 1927.

However Samuel Hope does appear in telephone directories until 1939 being replaced in 1940 by Samuel Hope Ltd. I am unable to confirm whether the company continued to use SH or changed to SHLtd or even whether they continued as manufacturers or simply as retailers of other companies’ jewellery.