Any Help ON these Markings Appreciated Please.

Hi there,

I came across this ‘plate’ recently and am intrigued by the markings on the reverse.

Its about 11 Inched in diameter and quite heavy.

Sorry about the way the photos had to be done but it was to keep to the forum limits.

Thanks in advance,

Picture 002b.JPG
Picture 002a.JPG
Markings Up Close_3.jpg

JD&S is James Dixon & Sons. The “kite mark” is a design registration mark and shows that your plate design was registered as a metal object on 28 April 1874. EP of course stands for electroplate.

Hi Mod,

Thanks for all the info.

Cab I ask how you can tell the 28 April and the year … and I would presume that the numbers 2841 have something to do with it ?


2841 is probably a pattern number and has no significance. The dating information all comes from the design registration mark. It was a bit naughty of me just to quote those details without explanation, but a how-to for these markings can be found here.

Thats fine Mod,

Its great to be able to have the chance to get info on these things from ‘experts’ .

BTW … is it worth much ?

I have to admid I paid 10 Euro’s for it and a fer other EPNS items at a local CAr Boot sale.


In general electroplate does not have much value and without knowing exactly what it that you have got it’s impossible to give an opinion. We normally point people at eBay’s Completed Auctions for an idea of what items will sell for. Even if you can’t find something exactly the same you may well come across something sufficiently similar.