Any idea what these marks mean?

Can anyone identify these hallmarks on a silver(plated?) teapot: a lion walking right in a polygon, along with a crest-shape containing the letters KB with an anchor (?) above the letters?

These are Dutch silver marks. The lion is the mark for .833 standard silver and KB is the maker’s mark: Koninklijke Nederlandse Edelmetaalbedrijven van Kempen en Begeer (which translates roughly as “van Kempen & Begeer Royal Dutch Precious Metal Factories”). Note that there should also be a date letter in a circular mark.


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Thank you Phil! BTW it’s weird but I can’t find a date mark on this teapot anywhere. Was nice to know it’s sterling I always assumed it was plated. Now I’m looking at other silver I have here trying to figure out it’s history.

It’s not sterling, which is 925 standard, but it’s still silver rather than plated.