Any ideas on this tea pot its pear shape

Hi to all I am a newbee to silver antiques
I have been left a silver tea pot by my mum she said it was her mums and was stirling silver from uk
but the hallmarks are different from any i have seen and the couple of dealers in melbourne australia, are re saying they havn’t got a clue?
as i dont have a macro camera i have copied the hallmarks via the magnifying glass i use for my stamps
can anyone help
keven :confused:
sml MEMO0057.JPG
sml CCF11072012_00000.jpg
sil col CCF18072012_00000.jpg

Welcome to the forum, Keven. Unfortunately I have to tell you that your teapot is electroplated rather than solid silver. The image you have supplied matches electroplate markings of Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. 4533 is most probably the pattern number. You can confirm my identification here.

Thank you for your prompt reply
its great to know just what the tea pot is and who made it
this is a excellant forum and i will no doubt be using it again