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Any ideas?

Hi there,
Anyone know what this is? I am assuming it is silver plated? It appears to have had a hard life!
Many thanks in advance, Rischa

Any markings? How big?

Please see attached markings on the bottom of dish. It is hard to make out the first letter but it looks like it reads ‘CP AS A’ ??? It is approx. 10.5cm long and it widest point (middle) it is 6cm. Thanks heaps, Rischa

The lettering is EP NS = ElectroPlated Nickel SIlver. So you were correct in thinking it is plated. The A is probably an indication of plating quality (not as good as A1 but better than B1 and B). Unfortunately there is no indication of manufacturer, but it’s most likely that it is from an English-speaking country.

Thanks very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated. I knew it wasn’t of any great value, it just intrigued me as to what it may have been used for?

A trinket pot?