Any one familiar with Peruvian Hallmarks

I have a piece I might have misidentified as being an older piece by Camusso. The ID was from the Camusso site offering a modern version of the same piece. I have had several Peruvian pieces over the past few years and have been frustrated in identification due to a dearth of references either online or in my possession. What makes it really frustrating is every piece has been very clearly marked and really the craftsmanship is nice though I suppose given the length of time peoples like the Incas have worked with precious metals it should not be that much of a surprise… :wink:

Anyway here are a couple images:

Hope that helps…oh it is quite heavy at about 126g for a 4" square piece. Also it is a mix of cast plates and hand fashioning. While I do have it for sale I just do not want to mislead someone based on an incorrect assumption.

Last here is the reason I assumed it to be Camusso simply via association:

You can see from that link the current piece is very similar, sans the figure in the center of the flat bottom plate. Also the piece I have is far more crudely fashioned in that you can see the obvious tool marks as well as casting imperfections in the individual sections of the piece.

Any help would be appreciated…oh, and if this is not the correct section for this post I appologize as the sections offered did not seem to allow for but a couple countries of origin then I noticed that did not seem to be a hard and fast “rule”…still don’t wanna take an incorrect step with my first post!! hehehe…

Thanks a BUNCH!!

PS: I hope the images show up as Smugmug is currently. ahem, “improving” something completely unnecessary as usual when I need my images to be 100% accessible. I really dislike that from this otherwise nice service for images. sigh…ain’t the web grand? :wink: