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Any thoughts on this sterling Gorham bowl?


This Gorham sterling bowl is 6 inches in diameter by 1.25 inches high. It weighs just over 4 ounces. It is marked on the bottom. I realize the mark indicates that the bowl is 20th century. Does anyone have any thoughts as to a more specific date of manufacture? Any thoughts on value? Thank you.


Hello Kelly -

Your bowl is lovely, it could be early 20th century or late 19th. Is there an additional symbol on the bottom of the bowl? Gorham holloware usually had a date code stamped along with the other markings. Depending on the date, the additional symbol could either be a lone letter or a small design.

If there is a date mark, please post a picture and I’ll try to give you more information.



Thank you for your reply nutmegr. There is a small bell mark on the bowl as well which if I’m correct is the Gorham date letter for 1900. I’d still be interested in anyone’s thoughts on valuation. Thanks.


Hello Kelly -

Your bowl would likely be valued in the $75 -$100 range. That is more than most bowls of this type, but yours is of good weight and with an interesting and less common design.



Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your thoughts on the bowl. I am happy to know that I acquired it at a good price. It really is quite sweet.
Thanks again, Kelly