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Anyone heard of AME & Co?


I am trying to identify the origin and manufacturer of a fork. After an extensive google search I can find no information on AME & Co.

The words on fork read:

AME & Co

Being new to collecting silver I found an article that indicated 8DWTS is 3/4 silver and 1/4 alloy. Is this correct? If so, would this piece be called silver or silver plate?

Many thanks
AME fork.jpg

I can’t help with AME but 8DWT stands for 8 pennyweights and is a measure of the amount of silver used in the plating process. 1 pennyweight is about 1/20 Troy ounce or 1.5grams. However there is no universal definition of how far that much silver is stretched - it varies between manufacturers. Typically it might be over one or two dozen items. I have even seen a suggestion that it could over a gross (144). So a quick calculation suggests that your fork had at best 1 gram of silver on it when it was made.