Anyone know of the Aladdin genie lamp stamp or E.B Willis

Hello, I have a jug and sugar bowl that i cannot find any research on and unsure if this are silver or plated. Underneath has the Aladdin Genie Lamp in 2 Areas with Name of E.B WILLIS . Both read RD426652 i think this is the pattern number On edge of bottoms have 3 stamp lines . Above the top genie lamp and can only be seen when angled in certain light there is slight engraving which looks like 275-24 ML/R. Also engraved on bottom that can only be seen in certain lights is a Fancy Letter J or G
These came from grandparents so i would love to know some information , if these are silver or plated and how old are they. These haven not tarnished over the years like my silver plated items but i am unsure. If any one can help i would be very grateful.
Thanx in advance
silver 008.JPG
silver 011.JPG
silver 004 - Copy.JPG

I haven’t come across the name E B Willis before, but the Aladdin’s lamp image was used as a trade mark by the Sheffield company Roberts & Belk. An image of the marks would be useful to see the exact relationship of the separate parts.

The number RD426652 is a design registration number. This number was issued in 1904 and gives an earliest possible date for the manufacture of your items. Note that we can’t be any more exact because the design was probably in production for a number of years.

It is not silver as your description doesn’t include anything which sounds like part of a hallmark. It is therefore, at best, silver plate.

My guide to adding a picture to your post might be helpful.

Hi, I discovered Picasso was needed so photos on now.
Yes I Only Found R&B But Nothing on E.B Willis. Nice to know the rough date thank you.
If you discover any thing from the photos that would be good.

It’s definitely Roberts & Belk’s trade mark (see here). Interestingly the “E B Willis” mark is very similar in style to the Roberts & Belk stamp in some of their marks. I suspect that E B Willis may have been a subsidiary company or one which was absorbed into the main company.

Thanks for that i found the timeline of R&B but E.B WILLIS Is still a Mystery . I,m Wondering if my plated items are in 1863-1901 or 1901 to 1961
Furniss, Poles & Turner, c. 1810 - 1823
William Briggs, c. 1823 - 1845
Roberts & Slater, 1845 - 1858
Roberts & Briggs, 1858 - 1863
Roberts & Belk, 1863 - 1901
Roberts & Belk Ltd, 1901 - the present
bought by C.J. Vander Ltd in 1961

Thanx for your help, I no where to come next time