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Anyone know ofsilver plate manufacturer - Grenadier, England


I am trying to find out information on the manufacturer of silver plate items called Grenadier. It is an English company. Although I can find items for sale on various sites I can find no information about the companies history. I have found a company called Grenadier Silversmiths Ltd but their web page is not very functional so I do not know if this is the same company that produced Grenadier, England items which appear to be quite old.

Any info would be appreciated.


Hi i have the same question as you did, did you find any information on grenadier that you could share?


Hi Rhoda,

No, I was unable to find any additional information on Grenadier. So it remains a mystery to me. If you should come across anything please let me knw.


I worked for Grenadier Silversmiths Ltd until they ceased trading in 2005. Hope this helps you