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Anyone know the maker of this English EPNS?


I have come across a boxed set of six silverplate cake forks that do not have a manufactures name. They have E.P.N.S. impressed at the handle end and R2748215 impressed near the spoon part of the handle. They measure just under 13 cm in length. The outer surface of the box is made to look like brown snake or crocodile skin. On the inside of the box rim it says "Made in England. The box is well worn and looks quite old.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

many thanks

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll learn who the maker is. The number you quote is not what I would have expected. Are you sure it is R2748215 and not RD748215 or Rd748215? probably with the D or d as a superscript. If so this would be a design registration number registered in 1929.