anyone know what this is???

hi everybody! anyone know what this is? thinking maybe a sugar bowl? no manufacturer markings that i could see. it sits on a pedestal and the matching little scoop spoon hangs on the curvy part of the handle. thanks! bobbie

Hi Bobbie. World’s smallest ice bucket?? You are probably right, for sugar, perhaps part of a tea or coffee set.


Uncle Vic

ha, uncle vic !!! yet another WHATTAHECK? i do appreciate this forum --! thank you for the reply! bobbie

I would suggest salt insted of sugar.

hi! thanks! i should have posted the size – it’s 6.5" long by about as tall. bobbie

well i was actually researching something else entirely when i came upon this information – apparently what I have here is a Sugar Scuttle⁄! … attic.html

for future reference…! thanks everybody!