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Apostle Spoon Identification

Hello guys.
New to this forum and would like some help identifying and reading the hallmarks.
Any ideas?

IMG_1270 copy 2

Your spoon is either electroplated or base metal as there is no hallmark. The manufacturer was John Sanderson & Son of Sheffield.


Thank you, Phil.
It doesn’t surprise me about the plated base metal issue.
John Sanderson and Son eh? I must look them up.

I’m a complete ignoramus about all this, but why is the stamping not a hallmark?
If not a hallmark, what is it?

Thanks, Mick.

A hallmark is applied by an independent body such as an assay office and is a guarantee of silver quality. By definition therefore electroplate can never be hallmarked as it is a base metal with a very thin layer of silver. The word “hallmark” derives from the Goldsmiths’ Guild practice of assaying in their guild hall. Electroplate has manufacturers’ marks and trade marks.

Thank you again Phil.

If it’s not a hallmark - and thanks for explaining it - what are the markings, and what do they mean?

Please decipher them for me.

Best wishes, Mick.

The letters are JS&S and the star is one of the symbols the company used as a trade mark.

Thank you so much!
Mystery solved! :grinning:

Regards to all, Mick.