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Applying polish question

What is the most recommended cloth or pad to use to actually apply polish? The Selvyt type cloths seem like more of a buffing cloth than actual polishing cloth. Stuff like Twinkle come with that little applicator pad. Does that kind of foam scratch? Is microfiber ok? Thanks!

An interesting question…

I am not familiar with Selvyt or Twinkle but I would expect that any soft-textured cloth would be OK.

I just figure people must be using something other than old cotton t-shirts and dish rags to apply polish… /shrug

I stumbled across a material a few years ago that I find works better than anything - fake chamois from the auto parts store. Its a very dense thin foam sheet that’s intended to wipe water spots from cars after washing them. Tan in color. A sheet of about two by three feet costs only a few dollars. I cut it with scissors into strips about two inches wide and four inches long and fold that in the center to make a two by two inch pad. Wet it, then squeeze it dry and put your silver polish on the pad.

When the pad gets black with tarnish, just squeeze it out under running water and its good as new.

Uncle Vic

Hello Jburgeson,

My apologies for not replying sooner as I hadn’t been notified about posts until recently.

Sponges that are supplied with silver polishes should not be used. Instead, use cotton balls, cotton makeup pads, or cellulose sponges. Non of these products will scratch. Than use a cotton terrycloth towel or Selvyt cloth to wipe.