Arabic? Non Silver Hallmark

I have been buying and selling antique silver for 10 years and always have found answers to my question using this and other forums, It at times took a lot of patience and time but have always discovered someone else has paved the road to the answer to my question

. However this time I am stopped dead in my tracks looking for a source to identify a non silver hallmark which I believe to be Arabic. Picture attached. I have concluded this is a cat with a sword. It appears on the back of a heavy tinned copper plate. What does it indicate? Is the signature Arabic?

looks to me like Iran’s lion with sword, and sunburst behind, and the writing im also positive is Farsi, so its Persian id say

Thank you for the response. I wonder if this is a person’s name or a description of some sort. Upon further inspection it was once upon a time silver plated.

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