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Are these British silver hallmarks?

Please help, thanks!
Is this silver? And if so, is it British?

Although it looks very much like the English lion passant symbol for sterling silver, I suspect that it may not be English as I would have expected more than just the lion to be present. Normally we see at least 3 other marks in addition to the lion passant: town mark, date letter and maker’s mark. What is the item which it is on? Also can you make your picture smaller please. It is far too large for easy viewing.

The marks are on a coffee can, in total it’s a service set.
Do you think it is silver?

Here is again the photo smaller…

.830 is a recognised silver standard in Denmark and Norway so I think it could very well be Danish or Norwegian silver. There may be other countries where this is also a standard.

Ok thank you. I think it is indeed norwegian silver, it also explains the S next to the 830.