Arizona Silver

I am wondering if someone can help me find out more about some silver spoons marked B Arizona Silver. I am from North of England and I dont know too much about american silver.
The spoons are 7inch or 18cm long.
arizona silver2.jpg
arizona silver1.jpg

Hi there Madi, thanks for joining us on Well, I’m stumped on your spoons as I cannot find any reference to a trade name of “Arizona Silver” or a maker’s mark that matches the “B”. Because they lack the word “sterling”, I suspect they are silver plated and may be a reproduction of a coin silver pattern.

So they remain a mystery for now, but perhaps some other guests here may have some ideas.

Again, thanks for joining us.

Uncle Vic

Thank you so much for your reply, as I couldn’t find any reference about Arizona silver on the Internet.
I am 99% sure it is silver, but you never know for sure.
I am waiting for some other guests opinion.
Many thanks again!

Hi Madi,

Strangely, the spoons are most likely English, Victorian silverplate!

There were a number of Victorian makers who used ‘exotic’ sounding marks on their silver plate.

The most famous of these was Daniel & Arter (AKA Globe Nevada Silver Works) who produced silver plate from Birmingham in the UK! They put various different marks on their pieces, including ‘Nevada Silver’, ‘Brazilian Silver’, ‘Bengal Silver’, ‘Japanese Silver’ etc…

I can’t actually find an exact reference to the Arizona Mark but thats my best guess.

Hope that helps

Regards // Jonathan

Thank you so much! It really helps me a lot.
Many thanks again,