Art Deco Candlesticks? Egg Cup Tray

Hi, like a few on this site, I have found myself, by virtue of inheritance, the owner of some silver candlesticks. I have not been able to find images of these candlesticks on the internet so far. I’d appreciate it if someone could give me a sense of their history and value.

I have also received a silver egg cup set. I have managed to find an image similar on the internet, which indicates it may have been made in the 1930s and be worth about US$50. Although I could have got a bit mixed up with EPNS bit.

So any additional comments about the egg cup tray would also be very appreciated.

Many thanks,

Silver Candlestick.JPG
Egg Cups Base.JPG
Egg Cups.JPG

I couldn’t get the 4th photo to attach. So here it is. The markings on the base of the candlestick I am thinking is art-deco.

Silver Candlestick Base.JPG