asian hallmark on spoon

Hi looking for some help on identifing country of origin and what hallmarks mean date, and. I asuming that siler content is 99.9%

I don’t recognise the marks you show. It is normally a good assumption that the presence of 999 indicates 99.9% silver. However unless you have confidence in the other marks in this case it may be an assumption too far. Note that 999 silver is going to be very soft and easily malleable.

i have done some more research and have found out that the symbol identified as silver is written like this in Korean: 은 and 999 indicates 99.9% quality. So i pretty happy about that however i still am finding it hard to find out anything about the mark 88 centered in the diamond and what it means. The yin yang symbol is said to imply Korea, i would like that confirmed. Also the spoon has two chopsticks that are matching and they imply Korean shape short and flat.
any help would be helpful.