Asprey Silver Tray


I have recently had a bit of a spending spree, buying Asprey silver goods. I always liked them as a kid and considered them high quality, thought I’d buy a few useful things for the house . I recently purchased a large silver tray with a mahogany base (not shown) as sterling silver and with the Asprey name, I didn’t give it a second thought, I assumed it was silver. Now it has arrived, I have partly disassembled it for restoration and I’m worried that it is plate, or some similar non solid silver product. I’ve discovered that Asprey did do silver plate on occasion. This piece seems nicely made and, considering the price paid, if it is real, I got a bargain and if not, I probably overpaid. Maybe it is old and the marks I see are imperfections in the silver, but also, the ‘hallmarks’, for want of a better word, are very worn and don’t appear to be of Sterling silver.

I’m wondering if anyone who knows, perhaps someone who had gone through a similar experience can shed some light. I’ve provided some detailed photos, but can provide more.

Thanks in advance.

I read the marks as EPNS in a Gothic or Old English script, so your tray is electroplated nickel silver and not sterling. A superficial test of the surface will of course give a positive for silver as electroplate comprises a thin layer of pure silver on a base metal.


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Thank you, Phil.

So, my fears were confirmed! I have cleaned it thoroughly and noticed areas where the silver is coming off now more readily. Now that I inspect the stamp again, it does look that way. I’m a little surprised at Asprey, but perhaps someone has attempted to make the EPNS look worn, because it certainly seems worn down.

Thank you again for your efforts.

Keep well, Paul.