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At first i thought Chester but not so sure now

Again im stumped , at first i thought this was a 1905 Chester fob medal but on close inspection i have several queries on the hallmarks.
First the date letter appears a scrolled S but appears to be sideways , the lozenge shape it sits inside does not appear to be the correct shape either for 1905.
Next , the town letter appears i first thought chester but it is missing elements of the chester mark. I think the lozenge shape is correct.
The maker mark is very hard to read , i think says J&RG. very worn

Yes, this is a Chester hallmark but some of the definition has been lost due to wear over the years. Chester date letters for the cycles 1901-1925 are often stamped sideways. I believe, without any hard and fast evidence, that this was normally done on smaller pieces. I am having difficulty working out exactly which letter we are seeing here. If it is S then the date is 1918. The maker’s mark is J&RG for the Birmingham company J & R Griffin who registered their mark at Chester in 1896 and ceased trading in 1926.


Hi Phil , thanks for that , i add 3 more photos but dont know if it helps identify an s or not.

chester s1
chester s2

It’s the “E” of 1905.

Thanks for sorting that out for me Phil