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Attaching Silver Tops To Mustard Pot/Salt/Pepper

Hello, I have a 7 piece cruet set with silver plated tops on the salt/pepper and mustard pots. In order to fill the glass pieces with condiments a silver cap is removed leaving a silver base piece attached to the glass. These base silver pieces are attached to the glass with a hard, clay-like material that has come loose on the mustard pot. Does anyone know what the material was that was used to attach the silver cap assembly to the pressed glass part of the unit? Please let me know if more information or pictures are needed. I am a furniture restorer by hobby and have never worked with silver and glass. Thanks! John

I have been looking for the same information. It appears to be similar to glazier’s putty, but I assume it must be food safe. Anxiously awaiting a reply from someone who knows more.

Hello Doggy,

I would remove the “clay-like” material and instead use plaster of Paris.