Austrian silver ca 1919

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Looking for confirmation of the “Dianakopff” hallmark and the smith’s mark “HE.” Please see attached image.


How can I determine the smith’s identity/location, and a more specific date of manufacture beyond that indicated by the hallmark:1867-1920?

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Since I do not see a separate town letter mark, the correct dating is 1872-1922.
During that period there were a few Austrian silversmiths with HE initials.
Among them there was a Heinrich Josef Ecker, active 1868-1908.
Maybe it was him, maybe not.

Thank you George. This set would likely have been made for my grandparents wedding in 1919, western Hungary.

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Inside the Diana mark there should be the cypher 3 (to the left, meaning the silver proof 800/1000), as well as a letter (to the right) denoting the assay office location (eg. A for Vienna). You may clean the mark and look for the letter with magnifying glass.

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