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Austrian silver mark

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Hello Everyone;

I am a relative newcomer to the field and have mainly dealt with British silver. However, I recently encountered these markings on a small silver gilt box and am seeking help with identifying the year. I realise it is early 19th century (1801-1820), made in Vienna, but can’t quite identify the exact year, nor the maker, nor what the 4 represents. Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Best wishes,


Hi P
Your Mark is for S. E. Starckloff.
The marks 4 and double headed eagle on box dated 1833.
From Wiener Silber 1780-1866 vol 1 Waltraud Neuwirth 1988 (snuffboxes)

Eduard Stephan Starklof (Starckloff)

There are about 5 boxes by him in the book, text all in German,

looks like he was a very prominent maker ,if I am reading it correctly looks like he started around

regards Charlie.

looks like he worked 1811-1844.

Regards Charlie.


Thank you so much, that is extremely helpful!

Best wishes,