Austrian tray - value? worth anything?

What is the value of this tray? How would you evaluate it.
It is 47 cm X 35,5 cm and the weight is 828 grams. Origin is Vienna around 1900. Mark is Minerva with A and 3.
maker is JJ or JG or GJ or CJ or JC - or even H - dont know name of him.

7 views in 5 days including the fact that I have checked my own message - that is not much - why?

Don’t take it personally! I think that we simply don’t have anybody on the forum who knows a lot about austrian silver. I certainly don’t.

Kind Regards

Hello Jonahtan
I dont take it personally - and I do know the value as I bought it last week in Budapest. Value is not importent to me and I never put value on other peopels items. Only when I buy.

But my point was - only a very limited number of views and some of them even my own visit. Therefor my comment - is it worth the trouble to post at this page ? If I research, go to books, internet etc to obtain information regarding an object found here - I would like somebody to read that info.

I don’t understand - you list all the details from the item and the only question you ask is ‘What is the value of this tray? How would you evaluate it.’

If you don’t want to know the value of the item, i’m not sure what you want to know??

Well I know most of the details regarding the tray.
Value is the amount in HUF that I paid for it last week. I soppose.

I posted the tray and a danish piece in this what is it worth? To see what responce I would get from my question.

I do not expect that anyone can evaluate the 2 pieces - some might be able to and some not,
But the number of views at the question says a lot about the activity here. And with a limited number of view the chance of responce is low. That what I ment by my last post.

If I can help you out the Initials remind me to Josef Lichtenstein Vienna working since 1878 but you should post the Minerva as well I am always suspicious on the Budapest market the value depends on the weight in about 0,5 to 1 Euro the gramm. That makes around 500 Euros, Jarosinski Carl is an option too, its more likely because its a huge company but the pic was not good enough to determine sharpely
Regards from Slovenia

Thanks for the responce- You are right one should be allert. But minerva is OK.
Thanks for the ideas regarding maker.
(and value - though I just bought it so value is a bit known :confused: )

and the place of both marks.

Hello hose-dk,
a little correction. it is not Minerva, but Diana. For the maker ask “huszas76” in 925-1000, it could be important for the value. Btw I wait for your answer on my question concerning Maker GP Copenhagen in “Scandinavian Silver” in that forum.
Regards silverfan

havent seen reply.
Well the value question was actually a retorical question. I had bought this on holyday, ald wanted to show - and see what responce I would get. I knew that price at that time - since I have forgotton what I payd, but still in use from time to time.