Austro/Hungarian/German cigarette case ?

Greetings everyone.
I recently obtained this cigarette case which i believe to date from around 1915 although i understand it is difficult to date exactly from the hallmarks which i believe are Austro/Hungarian with a german state acceptance stamp.
I’m confused as to the makers mark which i believe is a four leafed clover and to the engraving although i understand the ‘wiehnachtem im feld’…roughly xmas in the battlefield,but as for the engraved words below i’m a little stuck as to what they mean.
Does anyone have any information which would help me understand the piece a little better?
Thanks in advance

the rest is names.

This Minerva mark is Austria Hungeria April 1st 1872 to May 1st 1922
A in mark correspond to Wienna and the figure 2 represents 900 silver.

The mark is a typical austria hungaria makers mark I dont know who.

half moon + crown is german control mark in connection with min 800 silver. here 900 as also minerva mark states.

The clover mark was used by Alexander Sturm, Vienna, Austria.