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Austro-Hungarian spoon hallmark help

I inherited a single silver spoon from my Grandmother who immigrated from what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It should date to the early1800’s but I am unsure. As the attached picture shows, inscribed on the spoon handle are the letters ‘L’ and ‘M’ and ‘K’. Next to these letters is a cirlced ‘N’ surrounded by numbers (1802 ?). Separately, these is another symbol which is difficult to discern. Can someone help me identify these hallmarks? Thanks.
Silver spoon 1.jpg
silver spoon.jpg

The mark with the circle “M” indicates that you spoon was made in Lemberg in 1802. Lemberg is now in the Ukraine and known as Lviv . The number 13 is the purity of the silver. This being 13 löthig or 812.5 part per thousand. Hope this helps.


I assume that the “M” was a typo and that you meant “N”. Otherwise, very helpful. Thank you very much.

Quite right. It should read “N”. Just getting my fingers in a twist!