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B&Co Candlesticks

I have a pair of 1962 Broadway & Co silver candlesticks. They weigh around 493g each, are 225mm high, base is 100mm dia and the wood insert is 95mm dia.
I am having trouble valuing these as I know that some candlesticks are filled, but how do I determine that?
Can anybody help with a valuation please?
Thank you.

If you desperately need to know if they are filled you could try drilling a tiny hole through the base. I assume they have some weight for you to suspect filling rather than that they are completely hollow so it’s probably safe to assume that they are in fact filled.

For value check out Ebay’s completed auctions - look for candlesticks of about the same size as it’s unlikely you will find any exactly the same.


Thanks for the prompt reply Phil.
That did cross my mind, but I think I would rather just presume (as you say) they are filled.
I will check on Ebay for something similar.