Baby spoons identify help

I think these are baby spoons. I honestly know nothing about this kind of stuff. As you can see, I tried to clean but…very difficult! I think they are quite pretty anyway. I thought they might be a set but the marks are very different.

No they are not baby spoons. The brassy-coloured one is a caddy spoon for putting loose tea into a tea pot and the other is a condiment ladle, obviously for something of which you would not want a lot at a time.

The caddy spoon has marks which are typical for an electroplater although I can’t identify the actual manufacturer. Over the years the silver plate has been worn away through use and polishing.

The ladle is also electroplate although in much better condition. A thorough gentle polishing with a good quality silver polish would benefit it greatly. It has the mark (TL&EM) of Latham & Morton, a Birmingham company who were in business during the last quarter of the 19th century.