Badger of intrige!

So… I have this silver badger!
Its rather loveley, maybe a little more than just cute


So it was nearly black when i aquired it, thought it was pewter at first, but i gave it a gentle soak in some fairy liquid for 15 mins and gently cleaned off the dirt and most of the tarnish rinsed it dried it and gave it a rub with my silver cloth!
So, first suprise is what seems to be the imperial…or british standard “type” mark in raised silver on his back!
Then there is a shield with lower case r in it, silver book says 1634-5!
Then theres the worn marks im struggling with, there are definate stamps, one looking close to a lion and the other is really worn, but its looking like a leopard head, or at least the crown.

Which would place it in the correct dating but id like some help if possible off proffs! Oh he weighs a healthy 40g!