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Barbour Bros. Co. Silver Pitcher

I’m brand new to this website and I’m excited to discover the knowledge that is contained among the pages and members.
I own a piece of Barbour Bros. silver and I was hoping to gain more information on the company and the piece.
From the research I have found, the Barbour Bros. Company was started in Hartford, CT around 1881. Around 1890, the name of the company changed to Barbour Silver Company.
The stamp on the bottom of my piece says Barbour Bros. Co., Silver, Quadruple. I believe this helps to date my piece to the mid 1880s.
It also is stamped with the number 75. What does this number mean?
I have tried to find similar pieces on Ebay, but none of the numbers on those listings are as low as 75.
My piece is also very tarnished and has some dents and wear. Would polishing my piece hurt the value?
Any information about the company, piece, or value is appreciated.
I’m interested in learning anything you have to offer!

Thanks so much!
Photo 5.jpg

Hi there newbie and thanks for joining us. Your research is accurate as to the company and probable dates. Your item is silverplated rather than solid sterling silver, so its value would be minimal. By all means, polish it gently with a mild silver polish and enjoy it. The number is probably a model or pattern number.

If you reply with further questions, please be advised I’m leaving early tomorrow for a fishing trip in Panama and will return on August 27th, but several others here can help.


Uncle Vic