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Barbour Silver Co. Quadruple tea set

I was gifted a four piece re-silvered tea set. The mark is clearly “Barbour Silver Co,” “Quadruple.” The two tea pots, creamer and sugar bowl, in addition to all containing the same mark on the bottom, also contain the number: 2445. I can’t believe photographs would be required since I have what appears to be the model number, if it is necessary, it can be done.

I am looking for as much information regarding the set as possible; when it was made: its original value, how many pieces came in the complete 2445 set, and how much my four pieces stated above would be worth as collectors items, i.e., other than their price for their silver content.

I would also be interested if there is any other matters of particular interest. I am aware the Barbour Silver Co., was the successor of Barbour Bros, Co., and that the Barbour Silver Co., was purchased by the International Silver Co., although I have seen different dates, and different dates from when the marks were changed.

Thank you