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Silver Collector Forums

bars open drinks are on me

just found this site spent the past hour or so looking around
think i found a new place to hang out
so what are you drinking?

Hi and welcome to the forum. We look forward to any posts / contributions / expertise you might like to share.

Thank you
About the only expertise i have is in catching fish.
I mainly collect vintage silver jewelry, but i recently found some goraham lancaster rose silver at a estate sale . that i think is realy cool.
it also came with a few pieces that i am having trouble finding out anything about.
I have not given up yet but if I do I will be seeking help, I like doing research, you learn all kinds of things
Thanks again for the warm welcome

I.m new here too. I don’t have a whole lot of expertise, but I like to look and am always open to learning something new, which this site seems to be rich in information.

Right now I’m currently drinking milk, we had mexican food for dinner I got a hold of a pepper that is causing great pains.