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Basket tray, what is worth?

I have silver basket tray. It has marks from under and I have no idea what does it mean. I am planning to sell this item and I was thinking how much could I get for it.

Two top marks- two 4-leaf flowers
From the left:
1- sign “&”
2- letter “S”
3- letters “EP” and underneath “GS”
4- it looks like a lamp, but do not know what it may be.

thank you

I would say this was Sheffield Plate made by James Deakin & Son. I have seen items as this go in auction for around £15 - £20.
Hope this helps

sorry this is not sheffild plate - it is electro plated.

sheffild plate is something very very diffent. Electro Plate is a small layer of silver upon a base material.