Basket w/ pearl

I have no clue it could be Dutch it could be Russia but I know it’s sliver SILVER BREAD BASKET W/ PEARL RIM, L

This is a Dutch hallmark for 835 standard silver, in use from 1953. The date letter l is 1971. The maker’s mark appears to be that of Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer. I have not found what the A signifies.


Thank you so much I cannot find that specific one either but thank you

P so you’re telling me my basket is one of these and that’s how much it’s worth

No, I am not telling you that. I am just telling you what the hallmarks tell me. You should be very wary about online prices. A good guide is to find the item or something similar on Ebay and see how much it actually sold for.

Ok thanks okay I would do that thank you but it is silver not silver plated right

See my original reply:

Hello I’m sorry I haven’t been on the website I had a death in the family my mother had passed away my next question is what is the basket worth as is the Pearl basket can you please give me your honest opinion

Ebay’s sold listings are a good place to look as they give prices that people have actually paid. I found a Dutch 835 standard basket weighing 12oz, a bit more ornate than yours, which sold from the USA for $228.50. This is about 30% over scrap value.

You can find scrap silver calculators on the net to give you a minimum value as a starting point.


mine is not that bad maybe a little bit I’m so grateful for you guys helping us out

And yes I’m going to sell it if you know anybody that wants to buy it I appreciate it…