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Beautiful salver tray

What a fun website! Any info is greatly appreciated.

This salver(?) tray (or tea pot stand?) is really beautiful. It measures 26.5cm x 20.3cm. On the back are hallmarks that appear to be some kind of makers mark, followed by a lion that either stands for 925 sterling or for a London mark, then a crowned mask, and then a letter P which I belive to stand for the year of 1790, then there’s a tax stamp which I think is Georgian. The tray has 4 feet and the front right foot has another hallmark of a capital letter L in a circle. This tray is lovely and has a nice heavy feel to it. Thank you!
Salver front leg email.jpg
Salver front email.jpg
Salver markings email.jpg

Marks are
Maker - dont know who
Lion passant for sterling silver
Panterhead for London
P year for 1790/1791
Head for tax paid, Duty mark, kings head in this case 1786 to 1821

money I dont know.

Hi you have a fine looking Georgian silver salver, I also think its quite diffrent from many of its period, I love the design.
I don’t know who the maker is.
I would estimate a value at £1000 -£2000
It could be higher, you need to find out the maker and do some reserch, the amorial is unusal this could also be reserched.
It might be worth taking to a dealer in georgine silver for an insurance valuation.