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Befuddled by Maker's Mark

The marks on this old water pitcher that belonged to my great-grandfather (b. 1845, d.1907) don’t seem to agree with each other. They appear to say that the maker was Robert Hennell I, the city was Sheffield, the content was sterling, the date was 1869, and the sovereign was Victoria. The latter four fit together logically, but the first does not. As far as I know, Robert Hennell III (not Robert Hennell I) was working in the 1869 period, but his mark, as in the case of Robert Hennell II, consisted of RH within a rectangle, not RH within an oval, as used by Robert Hennell I. Also, I cannot establish that Robert Hennell III was working in Sheffield in 1869. Can anyone reconcile these marks, or introduce new facts?

I make this Robert Hutton’s mark, of the firm William Hutton & Sons. First registered in 1866.
Robert Hennell I/II, were London silversmiths