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beginning to think my mark is unidentifiable

I have searched and searched until i am about to give up! What do you think?
Hello, I collect very old silver pieces and happen to find this lovely basket yesterday. I have not polished it yet because I kinda like the way it looks now. I believe it is mid 1700’s but need help identifying the mark. I appreciate any help identifying the accurate date and the maker. Is it Sheffield because of the ornate lion pass ant and crown on the s shape handle???
The basket is hand cut with a metal fret saw because you can see the over cuts in the piece. I have not seen a swing handle of this shape before. Thank you

this mark doesnt look english. It looks like a middle eastern mark, such as turkey or iran. If this was english, no matter how old, a full hallmark would be needed. If the marks were worn off then there would be evidence of it.

I am looking down the wrong path. I even thought it may be German. I am totally lost now. The decoration is throwing me way off. I have not given up.