Birmingham Silver Bon Bon Dish 1928

Hi there I have just acquired a small sterling silver quaich with a pierced design.
It measures 4.5 inches from handle to handle and stands just over one inch tall. from the hall marks I am able to tell that it was assayed in 1928 in Birmingham but I cannot decipher the makers mark. Hopefully you may be able to tell me something about this piece and give me an idea of the value. Thanks in advance…gino…oh and it weighs around 35 grammes…P.s I’ve been trawling the net looking to id the makers mark and the closest I got was the shape of the shield round the mark was the same as Elkington’s mark.

I’ve never seen a pierced quaich before. Very strange…

Anyway, yes, it is the Elkington and Co mark.

It’s worth about £100.



Thank you very much!!! Glad to hear I got another bargain…to say the least!! I wouldn’t like to try and take a drink out of it though…it’s a strange design indeed. Thanks again…gino

Hi, its actually a bon bon dish not a quaich. Still rather pretty though.


Ah Ha!! Thanks for that. Think I’ll describe it as a “bon bon dish in the style of a quaich” when I come to sell it. I’m going to wait till I have a few pieces then move them all on together. Regards…Gino