Black Starr & Gorham Dublin Bowl

Hi everyone 1st post! I call this The holy grail of Goodwill. Yes. I found it there. No. I do not really need it. $Dukats? I do really need. I feel like I figured out most of it! But, I am questioning the artistic or antique value of the item. This is 21.51 troy oz. I’m looking at my notes from a year ago when I found this and silver was 21.05 in July of 2014. Now it’s only 14.85! I should have sold then! Ha ha ha. Anyway, the marks are as follows: BLACK STARR & GORHAM STERLING 3408, & the lower mark is an musical instrument, I think is a Lyre, with the words: DUBLIN PATTERN. So, in my research I had decided this was 1904. There is a dent in the foot (see photo). But it’s more of a bend/smash it’s not hideous there’s no damage to the surface. The item is fairly large, 9" wide and 5" high. So if the silver is worth $300-400, how much more is this piece worth? I actually love this thing. It looks like a big lotus flower to me and I can imagine a truly beautiful setting incorporating this. I am on ebay and etsy but I’m scared, to be honest, to sell this on ebay. I’m open to all thoughts on this New Silver Friends. Thank you for yours in advance.
Aunt Bridey