Blanckensee silver clock

Hello I’ve just joined today. I have a small silver clock and do not know how much it is worth. Makers mark is S Blanckensee and I believe the hall mark is Chester 1910. It measures approx 2.5 x 2.00 inches. It is really pretty. Any ideas please? Paula
Blanckensee chester 1910 silver hallmark.JPG

is the clock working? how long does it last before you need to wind it again?

Wound it up at 10.00am this morning and it’s still going strong. Paula

a clock like that should have at least a five day mechanism. If it doesn’t last that long, it probably needs the coil changing and a service, which might cost £60 - £100.

Running properly, its worth around £350

Thank you so much Jonathan great news. Great site by the way. Regards Paula

Can I just confirm one thing… It is a proper clock and not a pocket watch in a box??