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Blind casters for mustard powder

Can anyone please tell me why casters for mustard powder are blind? Is it, perhaps, because mustard powder too easily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere? And how did the diner help himself - with a spoon??

thank you


Can you explain a little further - with pictures too, if possible. I have never heard of a mustard powder caster before and wouldn’t recognise one. What do you mean by “blind”? - presumably no holes, but if so how is it a caster?

Harold Newman mentions blind casters under “Mustard Casters” in his illustrated Dictionary of Silverware. Last October the auctioneers, Fellows, sold one George II example.

George II silver blind caster
George II silver blind caster of vase form, engraved detachable lid. Hallmarked William Shaw I London 1730. Height measuring 5 1/2 inches (14 cm), weight 3.94 ozt (122 grams).

and a quick google yeilds more. Picture attached but I will see if I can find you a better one. thanks

Blind Castrer George II.jpg

Having now done a quick google myself it appears that mustard was mixed “on demand” and that a spoon would have been required to get the powder from the caster. I should have remembered your earlier post on a similar subject and not shown such ignorance!

Grateful. Many thanks