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Blue enamel and silver badge

I recently obtained this blue enamel silver badge. It is marked Birmingham Sterling 1919-1920. It is about 4cm in diameter. Any idea who the maker could be? Cant find the maker E & W. Any idea what the interesting monograph/lettering stands for and history will be helpful.


I think I see the letters TCCQCC in there but have no idea what order they should be in.

E&W is Eyles & Williams who registered this mark in April 1919. They were a Birmingham company listed as “toolmakers, stampers & pressworkers”.

Thanks. Yes it is a very long, but beautiful anagram. Wonder if Masonry have anything to do with it, as I saw some badges with same type of lettering. So am I rite to say this were made the year the company registered this makers mark?

CC in initials often stands for something like “cycling club”, “cricket club”, etc. As there are 2 sets of “CC” perhaps it’s an amalgamation of 2 clubs. A masonic connectiion seems less likely in my opinion.

As the mark was registered in April 1919 the first possible date letter they could have used would have been the “t” for 1918/19. The “u” was in use from July 1919 until July 1920.

Thanks again. So this may have some sporting connection. So this were made just after the first World War. Will try and figure out what clubs were around then. Seems like the pin connection at the back must have been repaired and that the back is scratched. Sould I try and polish the scratches out or is it ok to leave it like it is? Is it also bad if I remove patina from silver objects, I like my silver objects shinning.

I would leave the scratches but remove the oxidisation. Silver is not bronze so the word patina really has no meaning (a personal opinion!). Good luck with club names - there must have been thousands, if not tens of thousands…