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Bone Handled Fish Knife and Fork Set

Hi there! Curious to know approx. value of a beautiful boxed set of bone handled fish knives and forks sold by George Tarratt of Leicester. Hallmarks look like F&S, Maltese Cross, Crown, then EP in an elliptical shape. Barely used, in excellent condition, in a lockable wooden case.


Hi, The set is electroplate, EP, and sadly not worth much in a commercial sense. Many auction houses would suggest combining the set with other items since as single lot you could find that house commission, lotting fee etc. wipes out the majority of the hammer price. The maker may be Fattorini & Sons although I’m working on a silver maker rather than plate. Fattorini have a reptation for silver flatware but as I said since it’s electroplate the maker, by and large, is unimportant.
Ironically, depending on condtion, the box may be where any value is.
Personally I would keep and use them.
Hope this helps.

many thanks Tony! I appreciate your advice. alan